I love building things.

I've been working with the web for many moons and take pride in crafting rad experiences. Previously at Hired, I'm currently working with Knack on product, design, and development to help folks build amazing apps and empower their data.


I grew up in a small town in central California. I'd always had an interest in design and began obtaining the skills to design, illustrate, and animate while in high school. I taught myself what I needed to know to build video games while working a full-time gig doing tech support. I've built upon those learnings and now primarily focus on building rich web applications of all sorts. I'm still learning a ton and having a blast doing it.

Currently, some of my favorite tools are Node, Ruby, Vue, and Firebase.


When I'm not working on the next project, you'll probably find me making music, riding motorcycles, taking photos, or playing games (of both the board and video variety).

I generally dislike formality and try to bring compassion, humor, and empathy to my daily interactions. Your value to a team doesn't stop at your technical aptitude.

In the end, we're all human and life is too short to take everything seriously.

Solo Projects (*)

Magehand is a mobile-focused web app designed to share tabletop RPG data in real-time with folks sitting around the gaming table.
Pokedate was an absurd weekend project to capitalize on the popularity of Pokemon Go, where you are can chat with Pokemon trainers near you.
Who Dat is a web app I made for a HiredHackathon after having a hard time remembering people's names as the company grew. It proved to be a valuable tool (and a source of competitive strife) for the organization.
(Possibly sleeping on Heroku)
Cat 5 is an experiment in complex keyframes and animations, using the CSS steps animation property to create an animation effect (in this case, cats high fiving) with a single asset.
Gruup is a simplistic group chat platform experimenting with Firebase's real-time data store. It's backed by Ruby + Sinatra for asset delivery and routing.
Lil' Trump is a tiny weekend project, simulating the tamagotchi experience with some prediential flair.
Bub is a point-and-click action-survival game built using GameMaker Studio over an afternoon. All game assets were drawn on Stapleā„¢ brand sticky notes and scanned/manipulated to use in-game.
TLDW (too long, didn't watch) Movies is a web-app I built to teach myself Rails, where you review movies in 140-characters or less. It ties into themoviedb API for images, title suggestions, etc.
(Sleeping on Heroku)
Saman is an experimental (and confusing) arcade-style game with incremental elements. All assets (art + code) were made in 48 hours for Ludum dare 30.

How To Get in Touch

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